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Monday, November 17

Science discovery- used physics to build a flying machine

Some scientific developments, and the inventions resulting from them, are so important that they change people's lives all over the world. In 1903, two brothers from Dayton, Ohio, USA, managed to solve a problem that others had failed to conquer for hundreds of years. They were Wilbur and Orville Wright and the problem was how to build a flying machine. The Wrights made many scientific studies of the shapes of wings, the way propellers work, and how to control an aircraft in flight. They carried out the first true powered airplane flight on 17 December, 1903 at the coastal sand dune area of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA. Their invention of the plane transformed our world.

Soon after the Wright's early flights, many other craft took to the skies. First to fly across the Channel between France and England was Louis Bleriot, in 1909. Soon people began to see the potential for planes as passenger-carriers, beginning the era of fast long-distance travel.

The Wright's first plane, the Flyer, was powered by a small petrol engine that the brothers had designed themselves. They knew that the
petrol engines of the time, built for the early motor cars, were too heavy for an aircraft. Over the following years they built improved
versions of the Flyer and made longer flights.


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